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Empowered, educated communities that take responsibility for and action towards their development.


To work to strengthen FREDA communities by implementing sustainable solutions to human rights Health, Economic, and Educational Issues as identified by those communities. Responsibility and comparative action at both and individual and village level promoted through leadership training programs.


  • To improves the health and standard of living of individuals and families in FREDA communities.
  • To contribute to the Campaign and advocacy of Sexual Reproductive Health rights through education and training the youths.
  • To increase awareness and knowledge of health, sanitation, hygiene, income generation and domestic violence issues.
  • To help FREDA communities identify solutions to selected issues and to support the development of new skills.
  • To increase the knowledge and access to appropriate healthcare services in the FREDA communities.
  • To increase the capacity and strengthen leadership within FREDA communities. To increase knowledge, awareness and capacity to use and manage alternative energy sources and increase the use of solar energy systems and improved stove technologies and exploit their commercial and economic potential.


  • To promote and uphold good governance, democratic principles and human rights.
  • To promote a FREDA community culture that encourages cooperation, social responsibility, youth participation and gender equality.

Our team


Travis Bogere

Chief Executive Director


Nsiime Sarah Kensero