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FREDAfrica together with Kitale village initiated a school to enable orphans and vulnerable children have access to education. This project supports over 290 children. Kitale community is one of the most hit communities by HIV/AIDS. This has left many orphaned children. Being that some of the children are HIV+ there is serious attention needed especially on nutrition and medical care services.

Scholastic materials, clothes, and meals are some of the challenges we always face. Be a brother, sister, or a parent today by making a donation to support these children.

How it works?

. Volunteer today by organizing a fundraising dinner at your house, school, church, or from any social gathering places for this project to enable these needy children have access to education.
. Make a Christmas gift or a donation with your family, friends, workmates, fellow church members and other to FREDAfrica to help buy medical services to already HIV+ children. You can save lives and help these children stay longer.
. Sponsor a child today. Visit our sponsorship page and chose a child of your choice. He/ she will be sending you monthly letters and pictures. You will be able to know more about the child you sponsor in details.
. Make a monthly meal?s donation which will be used to buy enough meals for the school .For a one month meal for the whole school, it cost $264, which $792 a semester and $2376 a year. A semester is for three months.
. Get involved by mobilizing used clothes, sports equipment, and shoes. It may look old but it adds life to a child in rural community.
. Volunteer with FREDAfrica today and provide education services to the children in Kitale orphans project. This arrangement is guided by FREDAfrica?s field officers together with the teachers at school. Come and share love and joy with the children in this project. Subjects taught by volunteers include:

English language, Mathematics, baking, painting, and physical education. Volunteers also are taken to communities to teach English to the Adults. So many people in rural villages are interested in the project of learning how to read and write.