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FREDAfrica through Economic Empowerment program managed to empower several communities economically. Through both FREDAfrica’s local and international volunteers and friends, managed to train several groups of people in Agriculture especially, farming and raring of animals. We supported these community groups with projects such as Vegetable growing, maize, Bananas and upland rice. We have also donated pigs, chickens, cows and goats to them. These projects have improved on many people’s household incomes.
FREDAfrica wishes to thank all volunteers and friends who made donations to support this economic empowerment program to change lives of the needy communities. These activities have are carried out for both Commercial and Domestic use.
Animals are donated on a rotating basis. For pigs when it produces, a farmer returns 2 piglets to the program which is again donated to another farmer. This is the same with goats and cows. A farmer remains with the calf and gives back the mother cow to the program which is again donated to another farmer.
FREDAfrica gives you an opportunity to chose your project and support it. We encourage you to organise a vacation trip to come to Uganda and see where your money has been invested.
Volunteer today with FREDAfrica and get involved in all these community initiatives.
This program enables you to interact with the beneficiary of the project you are supporting.? Reports, pictures and all expenditures are sent to you.
We thank you for believing in our work and for joining a global movement of ending extreme poverty in Africa particularly Uganda
We believe in opportunities, not handouts and your support helps us empower women economically and socially to change their lives so they will never be impoverished again.


FREDA-Africa is a Ugandan community based organization that works at the grassroots level in schools and rural villages to empower individuals to better their own lives and the lives of their children .FREDA strives to strengthen communities by implementing sustainable solutions to health , economic ,and educational issues as identified by communities . what sets” FREDA-Africa” apart is that it works to maintain” this” sustainable” approach” through” that ”responsibility and cooperative” action at both an individual and village level through leadership training” programmes and self governance.
Currently, FREDA- Africa is working to provide goats to impoverished families in remote villages throughout Uganda. Beyond merely providing goats to needy families, FREDA also plans to use the goats as a mechanism for economic empowerment. The families will be trained in the skills to milk the goats and to use the milk for drinking as well as to produce the products that can be sold, such as goat’s cheese, goat’s milk soap.

By donating ”a goat” to a family” you are helping to” improve their nutrition a long with their economic” standing” and” overall” quality of life .This Christmas, for only $ 54 you can make a difference and help the lives of those less fortunate . Pictures of the beneficiaries will be sent to you along with their donated goat.

100 Households have been identified for this cause.” Just choose a number of your choice from 1-00 which represents the house hold you donated the Xmas present to. ”Your donation can be made directly through FREDA-AFRICA bank account, PayPal please let us know if interested and send you Bank Details. Other money transfer means such as Western Union is also allowed. All the goat donors will be asked to post their Xmas messages on Freda website and copies will be delivered and read to that particular family that has received the goat.
You can also donate a pig. All animals donated given on a rotation basis. When an animal produces, the mother animal is then donated to another household.
For those interested in making donations for pigs, a 4 month piglet which is exotic type costs $73.
This initiative is done every year.
FREDAfrica wishes to thank all last year’s donors where we managed to have 39 households donated with goats.
We thank you so much for your generous contributions towards ending poverty among women in rural communities.