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Uganda being a developing country still faces series of challenges in health sector. In rural communities still people don?t have access to treatment. Many pregnant mothers die on the way to clinics for treatment and if luckily make it there, most of the time there is no medication.

The ratio of nurses to patients is 1-500. Patients have to walk on average a distance between 12- 18 kilometers to the nearby clinics which at time run by unprofessional persons.

Pregnant mothers in rural communities give birth from home which at times put them at risk because of the un-sterilized instruments used during giving birth by family members.

Nutrition is another issue especially to breast feeding mothers and to children. This has left many children malnourished and die especially people living with HIV/AIDS.
You can make a difference today by getting involved in FREDAfrica mobile clinic today. Make a donation today to and help a sick person have access to medication. $50 donation can buy treatment for 10 patients of malaria in a village.
Issues attended on during mobile clinic and how much money required for every 10 patients.
Malaria treatment $50 for every 10 patients.
De-worming among infants $30 for every 10 patients
Counselling and HI/AID testing. $50 for a test kit for 10 people
Food supplements to malnourished children $50 for every 10 sick babies
Wound/cut dressing $50 a kit for 10 patients
Gigger removing and spraying $30 a kit for 10 people
Cough $30 for every 10 people
Headache $30 for every 10 people
Diarrhea $80 for every 10 people.

Through FREDAfrica community mobile clinic, we reach to the neediest people and provide treatment to them. We also organize for counselling to people before and after taking HIV test. Many people want to know their health status as regards to HIV.

Whenever we go community mobile clinic, number of patients of different illness is ever over whelming due to little medication we go with. We leave many children not attended on.

Your donation will be used to buy for medication and increase on the treatment for the patients.

FREDAfrica also organizes for basic talks on breastfeeding and nutrition in order to reduce on the death rate of pregnant mothers and children.

For every donation received, you will be awarded a FREDAfrica Community Mobile Clinic certificate, a car sticker and pictures for the village treatment activities.