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With the support of friends and donations from individuals, FREDAfrica organizes sports activities for villages. These tournaments organized on different Developmental THEMES which bring together communities to understand their social responsibilities in the development of their communities.

These soccer tournaments are also aimed at promoting soccer talents among the youth. In rural areas in Uganda, many schools access to sports activities such as soccer.

This is due to lack of financial support to get sports equipment. FREDAfrica managed to reach 192 villages through soccer tournament program.

This has enabled FREDAfrica to mobilize many youths and engage them into productive activities such as income generating projects; they have also acquired training on HIV/AIDS, Reproductive health and Family planning which has increased on their household incomes and knowledge about their health and better planning.

Through soccer tournaments FREDAfrica managed to mobilize the youths on Sex education, Counseling and HIV/AIDS testing and also encouraging positive living to those who are found HIV positive.

There is still a need of reaching to other communities for this awareness program. Your total support will enable FREDAfrica to extend this program to other rural communities.

FREDAfrica also welcomes companies, schools, churches to mention but a few who would wish to Partner with us.
You can also donate soccer balls, Trophies, or Medals, Sports Uniforms, soccer boots and many other sports types of equipment.
GET INVOLVED TODAY and make a difference in rural communities in Uganda through Sports activities.