Help Rebuild FREDAfrica’s Offices

Hello every one, on behalf of FREDAfrica organization, I extend our sincere thanks to all those who have lent us a hand in rebuilding our offices. So far one room is done together with tables. We now need chairs and computers to get started as working on the second room. We pray that we get a chance to raise at least $168 and sort the chairs and one printer out.

Big hug to all you especially those who have made us rise again in impacting our rural needy communities in Uganda. We still ask for your hand for more support for us to serve our needy communities. Thank you to everyone that has got us this far. Please continue to share this opportunity with your friends, families, and colleagues!

For DONATIONS, please use this gofundme campaign or use our PayPal account which found by clicking ‘give’ at the top of the page.  Big hug to all of you.

FREDAfrica is a community based organisation working on improving lives of persons in rural communities in Uganda. For more details please visit FREDAfrica at The FREDAfrica offices caught fire and lost many office equipments. We ask for your support to enable us have some off of them back. The cause was electricity sparks. Fortunately no one hurt. We ask for help to have our computers and other office equipments which were burnt down.



Much to celebrate

Happy summer to all! We’re happy to share some pics from our community education on nutrition where we partnered with local villages to form up a nursery bed for vegetables as a demonstration centre for the community.

Also included are pictures from our community education on sanitation where some plates and cups rack’s were constructed as an example for other community members. This helps to have a better place to put plates and cups after washing them.

Furthermore, other pics are from family planing and HIV education efforts.

And finally, pictures of fruits, members of the community appreciating FREDAfrica volunteers for the great achievements for development and community engagement.


Nampanyi Health Center

FREDA thanks Keith for the financial support that enabled Nampanyi community to construct a health center. There is now access to medical services, in this remote and hard to reach community. Big hug from this community and from FREDAfrica as well.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-04 at 7.40.26 AMWhatsApp Image 2017-12-04 at 7.40.27 AM

Meet Miriam

Of the many community projects Freda is involved in (Water and sanitation, school gardens for vegetables, sanitary towels for school going girls and those out of schools, revolving fund for rural women groups for economic empowerment for them), Freda is helping support Miriam and her 38 children.

Freda has helped by providing some food and clothing to the family. However, she still needs more help. She has no mattresses for her children, no medication, mosquito nets, food and clothing for them all, on top of that, she has one child with heart condition who may require to be taken to a doctor for check ups.

You can read more about Miriam in this article.

If you are able to help Miriam, please do so by sending a donation in to Freda and mark that it is for Miriam.