Nampanyi Health Center

FREDA thanks Keith for the financial support that enabled Nampanyi community to construct a health center. There is now access to medical services, in this remote and hard to reach community. Big hug from this community and from FREDAfrica as well.

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Meet Miriam

Of the many community projects Freda is involved in (Water and sanitation, school gardens for vegetables, sanitary towels for school going girls and those out of schools, revolving fund for rural women groups for economic empowerment for them), Freda is helping support Miriam and her 38 children.

Freda has helped by providing some food and clothing to the family. However, she still needs more help. She has no mattresses for her children, no medication, mosquito nets, food and clothing for them all, on top of that, she has one child with heart condition who may require to be taken to a doctor for check ups.

You can read more about Miriam in this article.

If you are able to help Miriam, please do so by sending a donation in to Freda and mark that it is for Miriam.

Roof Replacement for FREDAfrica centre for teenage mothers


Heavy rain and the wind last night brew off the roof for one of the dormitories of FREDAfrica centre for teenage mothers.

Jackie one of the teenage mothers lost her child. Bricks fell on her and most of their basics staff they use.  37 iron-sheets and 64 timber Is what we need to have the roof back. We are calling on friends around the world to help. Over 73 teenage mothers have no where to sleep even food was destroyed.

Please consider giving a donation immediately to help.

UPDATE: We managed to secure meals for 3 months and basic necessities like beddings and some clothes. We are now remaining to work on the roofing. Out of USD 1280  we have USD 560. We are at the moment in need of USD 720 to cover the cost of the dormitory roofing.  





Vocational Training Institute

These are pictures for the teenage mothers from from FREDAfrica Vocational Training Institute. This institution trains vulnerable girls and women who are victims of violence. It is also safe-place centre for women. In pictures, teenage mothers were providing free hair styling to women yesterday a day when Mukono District Celebrated women’s day. It is the same day FREDAfrica organisation launched re-usable sanitary pads project. This project is aimed at making and distribution of free re-usable sanitary pads to rural primary schools so as to promote menstrual hygiene and improving on the girl child school performance in rural schools. We would like to organise for a fundraising event so that we manage to raise 1,620 dollars for buying materials to use and reach a target on 740 primary girls with 3 pieces of re-usable pads.

Yesterday we had a meeting on how we are going to conduct local fundraising campaign here in Uganda to continue raise funds for the pads project. We came up with a team of 14 specialists among the teenage mothers from our project who are going to be facilitated and carry out mobile hairdressing and beauty project. Here, they will be having several camps from different locations providing affordable hair and beauty services to women. It will be a service for affordable cost for a cause.

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Radio Talk Show

file-1Travis was invited to speak during a radio talk show. The theme was how to build responsibility among community leaders and to engage them in the struggle of women empowerment through vocational skills development and ending violence against women.


Mukono Cancer Marathon

We recently held a marathon in Mukono with the theme: Run to win cancer. This was a FREDAfrica’s event aimed at raising funds to support cancer victims mainly children in hospitals. The struggle continues. We are still fundraising for the same cause on the 22/Dec/2016. We still as for more support to enable us reach 601 children with cancer.