In many rural communities of Uganda the biggest number of school dropouts is girls because of inconveniences during their menstrual periods.

This is mainly because affordable and hygienic sanitary protection is not available to girls. They resort to the use of unhygienic rags and cloths which put them at a risk of infections. Reusable sanitary pads are a sustainable and easily renewable resource, allowing the girls to wash and reuse them rather than having to buy disposable pads every month. In addition, they are comparatively inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

We ask you to partner up with us in raising $1640 to manufacture 820 Pad Kits and distribute them to 4 rural schools namely Bugerere Secondary, Hope Primary, RC primary, and Busaana girl’s primary schools in Busaana Community. Please be among the 41 donors of $50 each in order to raise the required total budget to this project.

This project will remain running since sewing machines will be used to train more girls and rural women on how to make pad kits, and after they will distribute them to most needy girls and women in villages.

For donations please visit our website at click in DONATE button, you will be re-directed to our PayPal account. Save the life of a rural Ugandan girl today and enable her to attend school frequently without inconveniences due to menstrual periods. We will report to you on the progress of this project and send you pictures of the beneficiaries.





Happy to receive Sanitary pads



We are Happy being Mothers of the nation, Great thanks to the Re-usable Sanitary pads project – Teen Mothers and victims of violence from Busana Women’s Shelter