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September 2021 Update

Get involved today by volunteering to find markets or sell them to enable a Ugandan woman led family feed her children at least three meals a day, be able to meet domestic basic needs and also to pay fees for her children. Many Ugandan women are widowed due to number of factors among which include: HIV/AIDs, and other diseases which have killed their partners and are left with heavy family responsibility. But buying a jowelry from this project, you are making a a long lasting impact in the lives of Ugandan women. FREDAfrica currently seeks for those who would Wich to volunteer to tell these jewelries. Give a hand today through our PayPal account to and make a difference.

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May 2021 Update

During Covid-19 challenges, we decided also to train our teenage mothers from our centre to make necklaces, darlings, bracelets and other crafts through FREDAfrica beads of Joy project. This is aimed at increasing on support for them within the centre.


FREDAfrica Community Beads for Joy Project is aimed at improving lives of the rural women in Uganda. Poverty in Uganda is one of the biggest challenges especially among woman. Several families cannot afford three meals a day. Majority of women are unable to pay school fees for their children and to provide other basic necessities to them. Men in rural communities in Uganda have left total responsibilities of caring for children on women’s shoulders.
FREDAfrica through Community Beads of Joy managed to organize several women groups and trained them in Beads making. This project has empowered many women economically and now they are able to feed their families three meals a day, pay school fees for their children and other basic necessities.
This has been done with the help of volunteers who raise money through selling Jewelleries made by these women. They are all handmade and mainly from recycled papers

FREDAfrica is working on behalf of HIV/AIDS orphans in rural Uganda to end systemic deprivation, poverty and hunger through a holistic approach to community development, education, and healthcare. We aim to engage everyone in the fight against extreme poverty through education and exchange. Volunteer opportunities include representing us as a regional or country, attending community events on behalf of our organization, or helping to develop wholesale partnerships.

Community Event Volunteers  If you enjoy telling our story and encouraging others to get involved in poverty eradication, becoming a Community Event volunteer may be for you! You’ll sell our jewellery, answer questions, and spread the word about who we are by attending different seminars and conferences? solidarity events across Europe
Host a Bead Party If you’d like to raise awareness about extreme poverty and sell our hand-made jewellery at the same time, consider hosting a Bead Party at your home, office, community or shop.
Become a Community Partner If you’ve already hosted one or more successful Bead Parties, becoming a Community Partner may be for you! Community Partners are a mobile force of educated and inspired volunteers located throughout North America and Europe. Their purpose is to expand our Bead Circle and to promote us by attending community events, giving presentations about extreme poverty, gaining local media attention, hosting or encouraging others to host Bead Parties, and raising at least $3000 each year.
Become a Wholesale Partner Are you a store or boutique owner interested in partnering with us? Become Beads for Joy Wholesale Partner and carry our products in your shop.

Contact Us
Contact our office for individual or group volunteer opportunities, or if you’re interested in becoming a FREDAfrica Beads for Joy Community Partner.

Each of our NEW Bead Parties features at least one of our NEW products, the Star necklace, Kikomo cuff and Ddembe wrap bracelets, Lingui Baskets, Kyange Chunky Necklace and our Girls Education Bangle that will help send girls in Uganda back-to-school. All of these great options come with handmade Kenseno and beautifully redesigned resources and materials. Whatever your holiday plans, big or small, we have the perfect party just for you.

Volunteer to host a FREE Bead Party at home, work, church, school, social gathering or a community event.  The funds you raise by selling our recycled paper bead jewellery and bags will be invested in programs that empower impoverished Ugandan women to rebuild the future for themselves and their families.

Hosting a Bead Party event is fun and easy. Our Bead Party team will support you every step of the way with informational materials, web resources, and personal attention to your questions and concerns.
Dig Deeper! Host a Spotlight Bead Party.


Global poverty is complex and can be an overwhelming topic to explore. A Spotlight Bead Party allows you and your guests to focus on one aspect through group activities and materials we provide. A portion of the funds you raise will be allocated to FREDAfrica Community Beads of Joy programs that address the issue you studied.
Host an Educational Fundraising Bead Party.


We believe that any action you take on behalf of others is a big step in creating a just and sustainable world. That’s why we provide the opportunity to host an Educational Fundraising Bead Party.


We’ve assembled a toolkit of useful resources for your Bead Party that you can download directly to your computer, as well as recommended videos, books and websites to help you gain more in-depth knowledge about extreme poverty issues.


With all items under $20, this Bead Party is perfect for schools, PTOs, youth groups and much more. Make it an Educational Fundraiser and 20% of the funds you raise will be donated to your school, group or favourite cause.
Take Action section of the Beads for Joy Curriculum for Youth, students learns how they can help eradicate poverty locally and globally. Hosting Beads for Joy Educational Fundraising Bead Party allows students to share what they’ve learned about poverty and raise money for school or community projects.