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Domestic violence is a global phenomenon and one of the leading causes of female injuries in almost every Country in the World.
For many women in Uganda as in many other Countries, Domestic Violence is not isolated and abnormal act, but arises from and forms part of the context of their lives.

From a 4 weeks exercise done by FREDAfrica together with 3 other Civil Society organisations, Center for women Empowerment Initiative (CWEI) Women to Women Development Organisation (WOWODEO) and Mothers Forward Rural Women’s Organisation (MFRUO) more than two thirds of Ugandan women experience violence from their partners. Sixty eight percent had been Harassed or beaten by their partners. Methods used included Beating, Pushing, Dragging, and Forced sex, Arm twisting, Threatening, Insulting and Chocking. Rural women suffered more Violence than UrbanWomen.

Likewise, uneducated women suffer more that their educated colleagues. From the same exercise 7/10 women agreed that it was justified for women to be beaten. This indicates that Women in Uganda accept Violence as part of male Male-Female relationships, which is not surprising because traditional norms teach women to accept tolerate and even rationalise battery. According to the Demographic and Health Survey 2006, the most accepted reasons for wife beating according to the report are, neglecting children, (56%) and going out without informing the husband (52%)  For 4/10 Women think that arguing with a husband justifies wife beating and 31% and 23% of Women respectively, feel that denying a husband sex and burning food are justification for wife beating.

Acceptance of wife beating is generally lower among women in urban areas, those residing in Kampala, those in highest wealth bracket, women with higher or secondary education and women who are employed.

On the other hand, women in rural areas, those with No or less education are more likely to agree to being beaten.
Why it persists?

The Director FREDAfrica Mr Bogere Travis says as long as women are poor and uneducated, it will be hard for them to resist Domestic Violence.
He says: ‘’If girls are not educated, and we don’t engage men and boys, Tribe leaders, Religious leaders Landlords and other existing Community leadership structures, there is likely to be more domestic violence, which is dangerous to our Communities. Most women are dependants on the spouse for economical well- being. Having children to take care of, should she leave the marriage, it will increase the financial burden and make it difficult for her to resort to divorce’’.
Dependency means that women have fewer options and few resources to help them.

A respondent in Kasawo Village: ‘’My husband sometimes insults for not working hard enough to look for food for the family. At one time he lamented, am tired of feeding you and your children. This usually happens when he returns from my co-wife’s place, who at times gives him money, which i cannot afford’’.
Another one said: ‘’He likes sex when i do not feel like, he forces me. He reasons that i might be seeing someone else’’ However, most of the affected women do not report cases of Domestic Violence. Most of them fear reprisals from their men. Others fear embarrassment. Other reasons for not reporting were poverty, ignorance of the law and not knowing where to report.

FREDAfrica teenage mothers’ Shelter has provided a light for the future of women.  This is not just a Shelter but also a Vocational Training Centre for Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.  Support this Shelter by getting involved today and sponsor a teenage mother. Make her dream come true and help her have hope for the future.
For $ 30 you enable a teenage mother have the following basic needs in the Shelter,
1. Materials she uses for her course,
2. Basic Beddings for her and her child
3. Sanitary Pads
4. Tissues
5. Basic meals.
NOTE$ 30 is for a semester which is for two months.  We have 3 semesters for the completion of their certificate courses. This is for both Hairdressing and Tailoring.
Share your love and care with a teenage mother from FREDAfrica Community Teenage Mothers today.  AWord of encouragement and sharing experiences play a bigger role in her life. This helps her to know that she is not alone.
We will you in touch with a teenage mother or mothers you are sponsoring, and those who don’t know how to read, we will read for them your message of care and love. We will also be sending you her pictures and her letters to you.
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