Vocational Training Institute

These are pictures for the teenage mothers from from FREDAfrica Vocational Training Institute. This institution trains vulnerable girls and women who are victims of violence. It is also safe-place centre for women. In pictures, teenage mothers were providing free hair styling to women yesterday a day when Mukono District Celebrated women’s day. It is the same day FREDAfrica organisation launched re-usable sanitary pads project. This project is aimed at making and distribution of free re-usable sanitary pads to rural primary schools so as to promote menstrual hygiene and improving on the girl child school performance in rural schools. We would like to organise for a fundraising event so that we manage to raise 1,620 dollars for buying materials to use and reach a target on 740 primary girls with 3 pieces of re-usable pads.

Yesterday we had a meeting on how we are going to conduct local fundraising campaign here in Uganda to continue raise funds for the pads project. We came up with a team of 14 specialists among the teenage mothers from our project who are going to be facilitated and carry out mobile hairdressing and beauty project. Here, they will be having several camps from different locations providing affordable hair and beauty services to women. It will be a service for affordable cost for a cause.

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